turned off the mobile phone

   Ge build simple family live in, go down in week, first time left parents for a long time. Since contacting women, the level of his naked body illustration obviously drops, draw the bookseller's discontent.    
    It has caused Ge not to build imagination to drop that simple in week, make his health deviate too, it is as week been after being simple for happiness,buttockses back that does not build Ge can blebs longer, hospital diagnose it is body endotoxin that set out until immunity drop, and simple to judge he irritated to the woman in week. It was allergic to penicillin that Ge did not build while as a child, but held the suspicious attitude to the simple statement in week.    
    She has not made the best of one's own mathematics talent, becomes a mathematician or engineer, have become the social layabout after graduation from university. There are men in the family, she has overcome too sluggishly, begins to sweep the hygiene, has also bought a wardrobe, build, draw as Ge computer that composing spend move she after the home, she has bought a desk. The simple elementary introduction of week: "Give you one week. " Then turned off the mobile phone.     
    Two people nearly buy the neat article for daily use, spend several meals that can only eat scrambled eggs too. One week later, turn on the mobile phone simply in week, begin not to go home all night. Ge does not build observing, her means of transportation is a double-deck big bus, she always likes sitting at the first row of the upper strata of big bus, leave to the east of the city occupying a commanding position.    
    Simple leave, in week, bleb that does not build Ge have a pain indistinctly. Two people can not cook, the refreshment stand downstairs becomes the dining room for two people, Ge is when not building a person at home, the recipe is that 20 mutton bunches add one bottle of beer. Whenever stand in front of black smoke four roast shelves that get up, he will think of the simple whereabouts for week sadly.    

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