have moved home to the town

Uncle Zhang talks about here colt, say with deep feeling: "People know Mei Lanfang holds and must show one's high ideals, in fact sink in Beijing
Fall into eight year, gram make, in tired out border, refuse, let false job, have moral too. It's a pity there are very few persons who know.
Later, I read his family property to exhaust, life was hard to carry on, received him my bearing the pool garden and residing from the Summer Palace
. He lives upstairs, books everywhere in the room are the most with German books. He, cultured and upright, every day
Study and translate freely. Our poesy calligraphy and painting of the house, the string song has a get-together, he does not go downstairs. Later, I bore
The pool garden has been sold, have moved home to the town.  ( 19) Gram make 80 birthday 58 year, he in whom my home pass,
Passed away in my home too.  "

"Who bears his life? Do you have economic source? " Father asks.

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Arkadaşların Burada !